Mocean's annual choreographic lab CLEaR Forum, Photo by Kevin MacCormack

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Our group content is found in the sediment of our cells

Vancouver artist, Lexi Vajda

Tools speaking, content forming.
Encroaching, circling, transmitting and a contagion.
Knitting and unraveling simultaneously with a logic expressing through three bodies.

The trap of the triangle eventually dissolves.
Effort, grounded, hands doing something real

A vocabulary in action with the action outcome unknown, a journey of discovery unfolds.

Pleasurable delights of synchronicity. Bulking, Poetic images of a work at play.

A base rhythm – trance and steady, surprises still present.

Huddle, Floor, Pull, Deepen

End of day sharing, Wednesday - Day 3 - S. Coffin

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