Mocean's annual choreographic lab CLEaR Forum, Photo by Kevin MacCormack

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

In Flight Pop Quiz and Story Writing

When you only have 12hrs to remember 40 sets of instructions…. Make a storyline to help you remember. Some clever creative memory aids; but not necessarily the physical order that will appear. 

Below is the outcome of our in-flight study session!

Rhonda and I are starting work today in the big apple, well Princeton University to be exact, on the There Might be Others project with Rebecca Lazier. This is an large ensemble open score composition directed by Choreographer Rebecca Lazier and Musical Director Dan Trueman. 

For the next three weeks we will be rehearsing with the cast of 24 and posting our updates and discoveries.  Check out this article about the project on Classical TV.

In the meantime.... here is the beginning of many odd stories.

Blue: The water story

I get in my boat and use my OAR, there is a few BUMPER VARIATIONS in my steering capacity, I get distracted by a FLAMINGO.  I take a rest on the beach FLAZEDA, CHRIS entertains us and does a CHRISTIAN DIOR fashion show. I have to refrain from DON’T HIT, I CRAWL AND SING to keep up with the shenanigans.  There is TRIGGER, ZOMBIE outbreak. 

Set Notes: No down items

Red: Matrix Meltdown and the Bear Supper

We enter the matrix to complete the GRID, but we get caught on a CHAIN, that throws us into a JENEFAY repeat, our ARMS pull us out #pulluptheanchor, BRAVO we survived! A BEAR/ or GIRAFFE comes and CARRIES us away, to LAYDOWN in their cave, TRACING out our meaty portions, but a super swift NIKITA NINJA saves us.

Set Notes: No Music

Yellow: It's a Dance Party

SINAN (Simon) comes to visit to show us his JANGLE JUMP, we break out the FOLK dance, and sexy DO-OP, and a little ROMPER. We break into a BALLET, we get a SOLO, ballet makes me want to BOX and DRAG and FIST and TONE, end with a little BUTOH

Green: composting grass – Natalie Yard Work Tragedy

WHIP IT (cut the grass), TWITCH AND SWITCH (I’m covered in bugs), stretch it out with CHORD, LEAN LINE UP with NATALIE, hoary JUMPING GREEN BEANS – lets CLAP. She clenches her heart for HEART ATTACK, DROP and ROLL, HUMAN PILE.

~Sara C.