Mocean's annual choreographic lab CLEaR Forum, Photo by Kevin MacCormack

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Finding the Antidote

 How lucky are we?
As dancers, as artists, as humans to do something that feeds our soul everyday? 

To carry our canvas with us everyday making it always accessible. To have working bods, motor skills, and are overall well enough to get out of our bed and move. To have found the confidence and softness somewhere to realize that this is something that must be fled and pursued to make you feel whole (or something...). 

To have ultimately, above anything else, found the antidote. When I feel happy, I dance. When I feel sad, I dance. When I don't feel good about myself, I dance. When I feel a burst of confidence, I dance. When I don't feel anything at all, I dance. 

Visiting artist Rob Kitsos with 2017 EMERGE participants.

I was given the opportunity to participate in the 2017 "EMERGE" program and would like to take this opportunity to thank all involved. I feel I have gained two new sisters, two new mentors, and countless valuable lessons as a dancer, performer, human, and artist. I will take a little piece of this in my pocked everywhere I go. There aren't enough "thank you"-s in the whole wide world. 

~Joshua Moore 
Personal Reflection from Emerge Participant: Joshua Moore