Mocean's annual choreographic lab CLEaR Forum, Photo by Kevin MacCormack

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Bodies and Tones Fracture and Solidify

 We are in day 4 in  creation at the Charlotte Street Art Centre and the nuances and textures that Lesandra and the dancers are playing with make it feel like its day 467. 

I have been dropping in and out of the studio, (really maximizing the mobile Mocean office), but once crossing that studio threshold the depth of inquiry and giving is very noticeable and remarkable.

On Wednesday tones and bodies were working hard, and the themes of fracturing and solidifying were simultaneously at play. 

Day 4 studio Recap

Bodies -Details, subtleties, tone, layering and fracturing, performance vs. experiential
Dancers Darryl Tracy and Susanne Chui clarify and solidify behind the set pieces.

Tones- subtle, rich, a felt presence, space, supportive, echo, tonality, eerie, stillness, humanizing/humanity, spatial, influx...

Christine Fellows and Leanne Zacharias at work simultaneously receiving and giving.

Music Composition Central, Room 212 is the recording studio. I tried to sneak in but the heavy recording session prevented my reporter like snap habits.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Charlotte Street Creations

Mocean Dance is in the midst of creation with Fredericton-based choreographer Lesandra Dodson at the Charlotte Street Art Centre!

Hot and fiery summer air meets the studio.

This is our second working period for this new commission to create a new male-female duet by LD. Lesandra is working her magic and crafting a wonderous world with guest male-dancer Darryl Tracy (Toronto) and incoming Artistic Director Susanne Chui.

This is my first time in Freddy! A quiet charming town with beautiful American civil war inspired architecture (I am pretending to be a historian, but I am actually no expert). Working on the weekend and over this holiday Monday has made the town seem extra still and suspended in this hot summer air.

But this mysterious feeling is feeding into firefly reflexes of the dancers.

We are blessed with many delights, Lesandra and our composer Christine Fellows are currently artist-in-residence at the Charlotte Street Art Centre, so we get to use this wonderful space.

We get to start working with composers/musicians Christine Fellows and Leanne Zacharias. I personally can't wait to hear that woody cello sound, the found objects orchestra and rich vocals in the air!

The new duet will be part of the Dodson Trilogy project touring to Halifax, Fredericton and Winnipeg in January 2013!

The Fredericton Playhouse and Charlotte Street Art Centre will be co-hosting an open showing at the end of this week to share a taste of these delights.

More to follow and creative details in store! Stay tuned.