Mocean's annual choreographic lab CLEaR Forum, Photo by Kevin MacCormack

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

RPP: Reverb Promotions and Preparations

Tuesday morning, bright and early. Susanne gives the thumbs up for enough dancing room. Check!

Martin tackles the sculpture puzzle and gets ready for our CTV Atlantic Morning preview.

I hold the Reverb poster at the Halifax International airport so Adham can spot me! It works!

Our kick-ass YoRodeo designed poster is the new gnome traveling around Halifax. Adham Shaikh gives a big grin and plays along, thanks Adham! Can't wait to make some magic for International Dance Week tomorrow night!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Folding to the beat, many possibilities and soooo much fun!

Mocean dancers Rhonda Baker, Susanne Chui, 
and Interim Artistic Director Sara Coffin navigate the immersive 
sculpture designed by Martin Tonner at NSCAD's Port Campus.

Mocean Dance was on-site at NSCAD's port campus on Saturday, a beautiful day with open skies and the view of the mesmerizing ocean.  Rehearsing on the 2nd floor with the ocean at our feet, we really felt as if the floor was shifting below us while the sculpture was shifting around us. 

Really observing levers, hinge points, joints, finding spaces and pause was the recipe of the day as all the options for play unfolded in front of us.  Martin jumped in and intervened when he could see a coming structural tangle. Our day in the studio was like trying to master a chess game, Martin very familiar with the sculpture could see ahead in the potential plays, whereas we the dancers, were beginner chess players just trying to remember which one was the knight and when to move the precious queen!

By the end of the day the play moves became more obvious and the risky maneuvers started to take the stage.   Framing, pause, asymmetry, mirroring were our tools at battle. 

Come see the finished product at Reverb!! There will be an added element of mini-cameras and captured frames spilling throughout the room around us. As an audience your eye will have many options to bounce from and hang onto.

REVERB: AN INTERMEDIA DANCE  PARTY, April 26th at the Pacifico Dancebar
with guest DJ ADHAM SHAIKH!!!!

Get your tickets today at
Tickets: $15 advance / $20 door / $45 VIP

Celebrate International Dance Day on the dance floor with Mocean Dance and support Mocean Dance's annual fundraising event. A new event breaking the mold and finding new viewpoints.

Monday, 9 April 2012

NSCAD Sculpture meets Contemporary Dance

The Proposition...

... How does this cube,...fill this space?

I first met Martin Tonner in the fall through David Clark's  intermedia studio course at NSCAD.  Mocean had proposed a collaboration with the media arts students, asking for proposals that included a meeting ground for contemporary dance, movement and any digital possibility....

A movement enthusiast himself, Martin immediately drew the connection between the folding joints of the body and his pliable mini structure. Curious how one can affect the other, the measurements begin and he creates a life size rubic cube type sculpture for a playground of adaptability to emerge. 

Creating spaces and making places, Mocean dancers (Susanne Chui, Sara Coffin and Rhonda Baker) will dive through and soar around the sculpture both physically and digitally. With mini wi-fi camera attached to the structure and sending their live video feed around the room, a trio is now created between dancers, sculpture and camera and the frames to enter and exit increase exponentially.

The dance will unfold in front and around the audience, through the frames of the folding sculpture and on the 15 media screens around the room. This is Halifax's own matrix adventure.

Folding spaces and making
places to exist physically and digitally

This is an experiment of the negative and positive space, relationships, shifting frames and breaking view points. An experience not to miss.

Join us at Reverb on April 26th and watch this proposition take flight and hit the stage. 

Reverb: an intermedia dance party
April 26th at 9pm
Pacifico Dancebar
Featuring: DJ Adham Shaikh (Vancouver), NSCAD Media Arts, Mocean Dance and YOU!
Tickets: $15 advance / $20 door / $45 VIP, available at

An International Dance Day Celebration!
A fundraiser for Mocean Dance!
A Party not to miss!

Mocean gratefully acknowledges the local support from our Reverb Event Sponsors: 

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Celebrate International Dance Day

Reverb: an Intermedia Dance Party
DJ Adham Shaikh
NSCAD Media Arts 
Mocean Dance and You! 

April 26th, 9pm Pacifico Dancebar
Tickets available at