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Sunday, 16 April 2017

How Sensitive Are We?

How sensitive are we to the ways we move each day? This week in the studio with Emerge 2017, we dancers have been challenged by our choreographer to look intensely into the movement that we are making and the purpose behind it. Hands and eyes have seem to be drawn into the forefront of the main tools of expression and communication that I draw from throughout the work. I've noticed through this exploration how often we let the details and purpose of our articulation in space slide. 

Throughout these past two weeks there has been seven phrases of movement generated. Here is a look into the states and qualities that I have found myself in over this past week. 


My eyes are focused looking up to the body suspended above me. My peripheral vision is aware of the limbs in my sight line, moving to lower the body between our nestled bodies. My hands are soft and gooey awaiting for the gentle press of weight. My hands now strong and soft, creating a paradox as the body safely makes it to the floor.  

My eyes are flitting from point to point along the floor. My blinds are up as I'm in total concentration of figuring out the paths I must take. My hands are stiff as they firmly connect the destinations I am currently unaware of.  

My arms and hands are gnarled and twisted, much like old trees and branches sticking out every which way. I am stiff and tense standing tall as my eyes stare at the horizon.  

I am finding the similar patterns that I coast through daily, often boring and monotonous. My hands are finding the familiar routines. My eyes are easily distracted as my mind wanders to the next item on my to do list. 

My focus is wide as I am acutely aware with the people I am sharing the space with. I am waiting and ready as their actions propel my body into a responsive action.  

I am standing, fist point towards the sky, strong and triumphant as my gaze finds the eyes in front of me.   

My focus is lost as my body races the one's beside me. Bouncing from place to place as my body rolls and twists along the floor. My hands are quick and nimble as they maneuver my body and limbs through space

-Jessica Lowe
Emerge 2017 Dancer

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